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Agora Sauna : The World's Largest Public Sauna

Posted on August 30, 2015 at 2:35 AM

If there's one a "things to do before you die" bucket list, I will definitely add going to Agora Sauna in Finland on the list.

Originally, it's an art project that turns into the world's largest public sauna in an island in the Arctic Circle. The sauna is built through the initiative of SALT, an arts and music festival. The sauna's architectural design was drawn from the  Norwegian fiskehjeller (fish racks).

This biggest sauna can accommodate more than 100 people. Guests can enjoy cultural arts and music, so Norweigans will be familiar and instill love for their culture and background.

I would also want to see the live arts performances while bathing on a sauna with a bunch of friends, while looking out on the majestic view of the Arctic Sea.


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