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Saunas Can Boost Endurance

Posted on August 26, 2015 at 8:00 PM

There are many health benefits of sauna use. So obviously that’s the reason why using sauna has been a long tradition for people in Eastern European countries, particularly Finland, and in Asia.


In fact, saunas are already a hit among athletes as it has been used for post workout muscle relaxation. Rhonda Perciavalle Patrick, Ph.D. claims true that saunas can have dramatic improvements on athletic performance which she refers to “hyperthermic conditioning.”


So how saunas can really boost endurance?

Athletes can experience obvious results of increased endurance, but that doesn’t mean other people don’t.

Exercise, especially on high intensity level, is one of the ways to boost endurance and it increases the body’s temperature.

Hyperthemic conditioning is getting the heat (just like the heat from exercise) through sauna use. This conditioning boosts endurance as it elevates the body’s temperature. As soon as the body adapted to the heat, it will then induce some beneficial changes to the body.


These beneficial changes include increased plasma volume and blood flow to the heart and muscles. There will also be an increase in muscle mass when heat shock proteins and growth hormones are triggered.


In a study conducted among athletes, those who had a 30-minute sauna sessions twice a week for straight three weeks after their workouts had increased their running time by more than 30 percent. There are also other benefits of sauna discovered in the study, and these include:

1. Improved cardiovascular activities and lower heart rate

2. Increases the blood flow going to the skeletal muscle

3. It increases the time of oxygen transport to the muscles

4. Lowers core body temperature during work load

5. Reduces the rate of glycogen depletion because of improved muscle perfusion

6. It increases sweat rate and sweat sensitivity

7. It increases red blood cell count




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